WTF is this?

This is We’ve been giving hard-ons to asphyxia fans since 2007. This site was made for people that like to watch women getting choked, by people who like to watch women get choked.

I’m using “choked” as a broad term included garroting, hand strangling, chokeholds, hanging, smothering, drowning, and coughing. Anything involving a lack of breathing.

You get off to women getting choked? Seriously?

It’s really not that uncommon. You see it in almost every porno these days, and there’s even a choking subreddit.

We don’t promote violence against women. Or anyone, for that matter.¬†However, we do believe that everyone has the right to do what they want, as long as it does not violate the rights of others.

People have kinks. Some people get off on choking people. Some people (lots, actually) get off on being choked. Assuming that the choking (or any kinky behavior) takes place between consenting adults, who the fuck are you to judge?

You’re a sick fuck.

That’s not a question. I can tell because that sentence ends in a period, and questions usually end with question marks.

Isn’t choking dangerous?

Are we talking about the kind of choking you see in every porn these days? That kind of playful choking doesn’t seem particularly dangerous. Just be very gentle.

Anything involving constricting the throat and restricting breathing can turn very dangerous, very quickly. Always play safe. Never play alone. And don’t do crazy shit (like hanging) unless you’re the one person who actually knows what he’s doing.

If your partner isn’t able to properly verbalize words, you’re swimming in uncharted territory. Play safe, or somebody is going to the graveyard and somebody else is going to prison.

Necks or feet?

Necks, 100%.

Where have you been?

I went five years without posting to this blog. Sorry to have abandoned it for so long, but I had shit to do. I’m back now. With a vengeance.

Can I advertise here?

If you produce content involving chicks getting choked, the answer is probably yes. I’m particularly interested in new content. If you give me snippets of original content to post, and I’ll send lots of traffic your way. I can even save you the trouble and do the video editing myself.¬†Let’s talk.

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