Editor’s Note: This is a guest post by community member¬†PleaseStrangleMe. ¬†She paints one hell of a picture, doesn’t she?

My fantasy:

I am sitting home alone on my sofa, when a mysterious man walks in the front door. I look into his eyes and see that he wants me badly and in the most primal way.

His hands start to tremble and form a pose that looks like he wants someone to choke. He looks at me and I get scared and try to run away, but he catches up to me and wraps his huge strong hands around my small feminine neck.

I can feel his pressing and enveloping my throat. I feel helpless and completely at his mercy, but do I trust him to not squeeze too hard and kill me? At this point, the sensation feels too wonderful to bring trust into this. My lower regions start to tingle and I feel my wetness pour out of me as he squeezes harder and harder, enveloping my neck with his strong masculine hands.

He then throws me down on my bed, and ties my wrists to the bedposts with his belt and the tie to my bathrobe (which I secretly use to strangle myself during masturbation). He rips off all my clothes and then gently places his hands on my throat again.

He now plans to massage my neck while I am tied there naked and helpless. First he circles my neck with his hands starting lower and gently squeezing and gradually moving his way up, not keeping his hands in one place for too long.

Now his hands are encircling the top of my throat right under my chin and now he begins to squeeze a little harder with both hands, one hand now on the top of my throat and the other right below it so you cannot even see my neck anymore — just his hands.

Now he brings both hands up and places his thumbs on either sides of my windpipe and presses down and gently massages my neck. He alternates squeezing my throat with his whole hands and then placing his thumbs on the sides of my windpipe.

This is truly the best neck massage I have ever had. I start to moan in ecstasy, while my voice is altered due to his unrelenting strangling of my delicate throat. He then squeezes harder now enveloping his huge hands around my throat and starts to picks me up by my neck while squeezing harder and harder trying not to lose his grip.

Now he lets go and gets some massage oil and rubs it all over my neck and then squeezes my throat again, but this time it is much more slippery, like my lower regions. He tries to get a good grip to lift me up again, but it is harder so his hands are slipping off while he is trying to choke me harder to get better grip so he can move me around by my throat.

At this point, one hour of his strangling me went by and my neck is getting red and a little raw from all the movement of his hands. Now he gets angry that he can’t get a good grip and then throws me by my neck on the bed again and starts to really strangle me now until it is hard for me to breathe.

I am gasping for air while his strong hands are around my neck all the while being tied naked to the bedposts. Now, while keeping one hand firmly on my neck he takes his pants off and inserts himself inside me, hard. I gasp in ecstasy again and he now places both hands around my throat while he thrusts inside of me, harder and faster, while his hands slide up and down my neck.

We both come at the same time, screaming.

Author: PleaseStrangleMe

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